Who Can Benefit?

Treatment is patient centered. Every age and stage of life can benefit. 

What is Osteopathy?


It is a scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology in the hands of a person of intelligence and skill, who can apply that knowledge to the use of man when sick or wounded by strains, shocks, falls or mechanical derangement or injury of any kind to the body.

–Andrew Taylor Still


We look at it in perfect health which means perfection and harmony not in part, but of the whole body.

– Andrew Taylor Still


The Process

Travis Cuddington

B.Sc Kin, D.O.M.P

Osteopathic Practitioner

Rebekah Cuddington

B.Sc Kin, D.O.M.P.

Osteopathic Practitioner



Address: 701 BC 97

Vernon, BC 

Email: travis@northokanaganosteopathy.ca

Travis Cuddington: 604-910-4847

Rebekah Cuddington: 250-540-8683

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