Initial Treatment

The initial treatment begins with a thorough exploration of your medical history. Our discussion will include major illnesses, sprains and strains, major and minor accidents, and major life incidents that you feel have affected you in an adverse way . We will also cover what you would like to accomplish in the sessions and answer any questions you may have.  Objective testing will then  take place. The practitioner will guide you through some general mobility,  biomechanical, and orthopedic tests. These will begin with general standing tests and progress to more specific tests on the treatment table. The purpose of these tests is for the practitioner to determine how your body is working as a whole and what the root cause(s) of your complaint may be.

Following testing, the practitioner will give you a run-down of what she or he found and how it relates to what you are experiencing. The treatment portion of the session will then begin.


Following treatment, the practitioner will answer any questions you may have and will usually assign some exercises or stretches for you to do in order to extend the benefits of the treatment. Plans for follow-up treatments will also be discussed.


Children 0-3 (Travis only) for 60 minutes - $105

Children 4-18 (Rebekah and Travis) for 60 minutes - $105

Adults 19-59 for 75-90 minutes - $140

Seniors 60+ for 75-90 minutes - $125  

*GST is included above

Follow-up treatments are similar to the initial treatment except that the interview at the beginning of the each session will be shorter since the practitioner is already familiar with the patient’s history. The testing routine will repeated to check how the patient’s condition is progressing and to determine whether any new issues have arisen. Once testing is completed, the practitioner will discuss the findings with the patient prior to moving on to treatment. 

Payments are made at the end of each treatment by either credit, debit, cash or cheque. Receipts will be emailed for each treatment. Treatments can be claimed through your extended healthcare plan (if you have coverage for Osteopathy). 

To save time during the appointment, please fill out the medical history form provided through the online booking system and the online Covid-19 BC Self Assessment questionnaire. If possible, leave yourself lots of time to get to your appointment. Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment (not early).